Managing Change/Team Building Onsite Training Workshop

Changes in the NHS are continuous therefore in order to bring about improvement your staff need to be supported to enable them to engage with what the current issues are and what role they play to ensure they achieve continuous quality improvement in both the long and short term. A one full day workshop for NHS professionals aims to do just that.  This programme will be ‘bespoke and tailored’ to your organisation’s needs, vision and values and considering your organisations current requirements will look to include the following areas:-

  • Managing Change
    • Drivers for the change
    • How to deal with it and embrace it to make it a positive experience
    • Problem solving – ‘LEAN’ approach
  • Developing and Building Soft Skills
    • Assertiveness
    • Realising your skills and abilities
    • Self- Image, building your confidence
    • Communication – king in the process of managing change
  • Team Building
    • Benefits for the individual and the organisation
    • Characteristics of an effective team
    • Roles and responsibilities
    • Useful behaviours to adopt
    • Tools and Techniques to keep staff involved and motivated, through working together
  • Action Planning – Putting it All into Practice
    • Setting evaluation milestones
    • Personal/Department Development plans
    • Recognising achievements.

This workshop is designed to work with either a group of mixed disciplines or specifically identified teams.  It will look at individual attitudes and behaviours and how they impact on the provision of service to both service users and colleagues. In the case of specific teams the workshops will look to ensure that they are working efficiently and effectively and that their individual strengths and weakness’ have been identified and supported to enable them to do so.

Aimed at all NHS staff, both Clinical and Non-clinical this workshop provides the necessary skills and tools for them to take back to the workplace and implement immediately.

Please contact Marie Cherry for further details.