Long-Term Condition, Health & Disability Management

This course is designed for multi-disciplinary health professionals providing Occupational Health services to support employees who may not have told their employers that they have a disability, you should consider any circumstances which suggest that they may be disabled and need support.

Occupational Health is an important feature of a culture where employees are happy to talk about their health. Not all employees who meet the definition of disability will think of themselves as a ‘disabled person’. Delegates will explore their experiences of unconscious bias and judgements when talking about disabilities or health conditions and consider different methods to communicate recommendations to  employers.

  • Workplace history taking
  • Clinical history taking
  • Evidence based practice
  • Basic knowledge of health risk assessment, aids, adjustments & adaptations
  • External resources & Services
  • Health education & promotion to reduce the impact of health on work
  • Management reporting
  • Principles of case management
    • Friday 24 March 2023, full day workshop in Coventry
    • Wednesday 19 April 2023, half day virtual workshop Part 1
    • Wednesday 26 April 2023, half day virtual workshop Part 2