Assertiveness & Self Management Training Workshop

The NHS is the largest employer in Europe, with over 1.4 million employees, the NHS has a  responsibility to remain at the forefront of the inclusion and fairness agenda for patient and staff.

This one-day workshop has been designed to assist all NHS staff in dealing with work pressures and change more confidently through assertive communication and positive self-management. This workshop has been designed to be delivered on both a virtual and a face-to-face platform.

The content of the workshop is ‘bespoke’ to each organisation’s needs. The content will reflect your objectives and ensure that the outcomes are successful and can be measured by incorporating an Action Plan for the team, and personal development plans for individuals. Action Plans will identify the key changes needed to be made, the skills to practice in order to build self-esteem, build self-confidence and improve communication skills through assertiveness techniques.

The day is highly interactive, practical, and yet supportive.  It uses many different forms of learning including self-assessments to develop assertiveness skills and increase confidence and self-esteem. Participants will gain the tools and techniques which will enable them to work more effectively with work colleagues and service users.

This workshop will look at:
  • Through self-assessment recognise your style and behaviours
  • Optimist or Pessimist – self-assessment
  • Communication Styles
  • Managing your image – making the most out of ‘you’
  • Techniques to build self-esteem and confidence
  • Tackling barriers to assertiveness
  • Non-verbal behaviour in relation to assertiveness
  • Managing difficult and challenging situations – tips and hints
  • Developing a personal action plan with a difference!


Please contact Marie Cherry for further details: e:


“I personally really liked hearing everyone else’s perspectives as it was comforting/reassuring to hear we all have ways in which we feel a bit shy/insecure/nervous. I also liked that it started quite wide and then we funneled down to get to those key things we need to work on. Jas is friendly, funny and engaging. She made it feel easy to share and get involved. Definitely one of the most interesting and engaging work trainings I’ve done!”


2020 Delegate

Richmond Wellbeing Service

Jaskiern Kaur, Course Leader

People are my passion. We will all at some point in time be in receipt of the services we deliver.

Working in the NHS for over 15 years I have progressed through operations to senior management level enabling me to understand both operational and strategic challenges. Currently leading the Equalities agenda through an Organisational Development lens at a large NHS trust allows me to bring current challenges to the table at all levels. To support this I am also a specialist Advisor for the CQC.

Values led programmes of work are close to my heart, supported with real time data I have a niche platform to which I am able to highlight and debate our unconscious bias that challenge our everyday practices.”


“Jas was a great facilitator and made the group a very welcoming space. I felt comfortable and
confident to share, looking forward to next week.”

Delegate, 2020 workshop

PWP, Richmond Wellbeing Service