Members Referral Scheme

Members Referral Fee – Introduce a friend and get 1 meeting for free!

A member referral resulting in another Trust / Organisation registering for full membership of the same group will result in the referring member qualifying for a one meeting discount*

The discount applies to the full membership fee only (not applicable to the 2nd member rate).The discount will be applied once, at the start of the current meeting round. Mid round membership referral discounts will be processed at the start of the following year’s membership round.

Multiple referrals will result in multiple discounts up to four referrals per meeting round.

For further details please contact us for details.

“What a fantastic resource to be able to share knowledge with other FM’s. It is a valuable source of information and empathy, but also recognises the challenges and the value of the sector we work in. A great balance of face to face meetings with the opportunity to seek support, advice and information via email, working together to add value and share best practice to improve NHS services.”

Facilities North Best Value Group 2016 Member

Area Facilities Services Manager, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust