NHS Transport & Logistics Best Practice Group

Mission Statement: The NHS Transport & Logistics Best Practice Group is a member driven, proactive networking group striving for continual innovation and improvement in the delivery of fleet management, logistics, parking solutions and associated services.

The NHS Transport & Logistics Best Practice Group combines two main essentials: decades of in-house experience and quality presenters from within and outside the NHS. That way we build on proven good practice whilst having an eye to new systems and developments!

NPAG’s focus is to innovate and support continuous improvement in the face of ever increasing pressure to save money and increase efficiency. Members proactively network discussing and sharing documents on the delivery of fleet management, logistics, parking and associated services.

Members drive the meeting agendas. They include established standing items which are addressed through knowledge and experience from the members and carefully selected guest speakers. Items include: Covid implications & issues; Fleet: Grey, Green & Courier; Pool Car Management; Trust Policies and Procedures: impact on Transport, Waste & ADR; Medical Records; ; Driver Handbooks; Management of Taxi services; Vehicle procurement & management; Legislation.

Members come from a variety of Trust types from across England & Wales. Members from NHS Wales have provided invaluable insight into how ’things’ are done differently in the devolved nations, particularly over the last couple of years responding to Covid-19 and the vaccination programme.




Facilitator Cliff Howell

Coordinator Marie Cherry

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    “As the Transport and Travel Advisor for the Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust which is one of the largest NHS Trusts nationally, my job remit is extensive and includes car parking, taxis, courier services, lease cars, Trust vehicles and anything else that the word transport can be aligned to. I must be aware of changes in legislation but also maintain policies and strategies to meet business needs and the Transport and Logistics Best practice Group has not only been a fantastic opportunity to meet and share experiences and good practice with my peers from other Trust’s nationally but also been very informative and supportive through the choice of ‘specialists’ who have attended to present to the group on matters that need wider consideration and to make us aware of various tools which can help to support delivery of an essential service within the NHS.

    NHS Transport & Logistics Best Practice Group Member

    Transport & Travel Advisor, Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

    “This group has provided me with support and advice both during and outside of the group meetings for the past 5 years that I have been a member. More importantly the NPAG network facility has enabled us to share problems and get advice as within the group we have learnt that our problems are unique.”

    NHS Transport & Logistics Best practice Group Member

    Operations Manager, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust