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NHS England states very clearly that the NHS needs to plan for, and respond to, a wide range of incidents and emergencies that could affect health or patient care. These could be anything from extreme weather conditions to an outbreak of an infectious disease or a major transport accident.  We must respond – while maintaining services. NPAG has a well-established National forum for all involved in Emergency Preparedness, Resilience and Response (EPRR).  The NPAG EPRR Network (formerly known as the Resilience Development Network) is increasingly important in supporting those with a lead role here. Whilst cost pressures can make it more difficult for staff to get involved in such groups it has been recognised by EPRR members that the cost of joining is repaid several times over by the peer support and networking that takes place — enabling members to share good practice, documentation, procedures, responses to new guidance, etc.

“The NPAG EPRR network, gives me exposure to EPRR Managers across the country, where there is a shared sense of experiences and a desire to learn from others, in a friendly relaxed atmosphere. This unique opportunity to mix with like-minded peers and share learning enables me to bring learning from a larger pool back to the organisation. The ability to network opens up new opportunities which are not part of our local system and when these arise are limited in and therefore NPAG opens up discussion and debate across a much larger spectrum. Another very positive aspect to the group for me, is the subject matter experts presentations, and in particular the involvement of NHSE EPRR David Walker, where we are given an insight in developments at a national level. Finally the contacts that I have formed through NPAG means there is always someone on the end of an email or phone or is willing to share and support, proving the worth of the network not only at meetings but throughout the calendar year!”

EPRR Manager, Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust

We recognise that there are many local forums where resilience staff come together but one of the major benefits of the EPRR Network is that it is a national group with members coming from across the country and thereby offering a greater range of sharing and learning.
There are many threats and risks which we need to prepare for and be able to respond to and with this in mind we have identified a wide range of topics to be covered in the forthcoming meetings. The following is a selection of these:

* Cyber Security * Warning & Informing * Dynamic Risk Assessments
* Business Continuity Planning * EPRR Resourcing * Terrorist Threats
* Major Incident Planning * Hazmat / CBRN * Injured Persons Returning from abroad
* Industrial Action * Disease Outbreaks * National Risk Register of Civil Emergencies
* Fuel Planning * National Occupational           Standards for Civil Contingencies * Industrial Action
* Shelter & Evacuation * Identification of Vulnerable     People / Patients / Staff * NHSE BCM Toolkit’



Facilitator Dale Atkins
Coordinator Laura Howe

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    The RDN has proved to be an excellent forum for exchanging information on all emergency planning and resilience related issues. Over the last year, the group has covered a diverse range of subjects, bringing understanding of the challenges we all face, whilst sharing practical solutions that can easily be adapted locally.

    Resilience Development Network 2018-19

    Emergency Planning & Liaison Manager, Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust

    “I have been a member of NPAG Resilience Development Network for some 5 years now, I have always come back with something that I can share and have gained knowledge to assist me in developing things differently moving forward. I have found this forum valuable in sharing good practice, gaining new ideas, listening to some of the excellent guest speakers, who are also equally passionate about this topic and are keen to share with you. A well worth group to be part of”.

    Resilience Development Network 2018-19

    Head of Emergency Planning / Decon Lead , The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust

    “The group provides an opportunity for members to share best practice and discuss common themes and issues. The meetings are very well facilitated and provide a professional but friendly approach and excellent networking opportunities”. 

    Resilience Development Network 2018-19

    Emergency Planning Liaison Officer, Basildon & Thurrock University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust