Decontamination Best Value Group

This expert group brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to meetings to discuss what matters in individual organisations and to the profession collectively.  As with all our national groups, collaboration is not confined to meetings; members openly communicate with each other and actively use the NPAGNetwork. 

The group share knowledge on a vast array of matters and topics which benefits members in their daily roles.




Facilitator: Trevor Garcia

Coordinator: Laura Howe

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    Each event I have attended I have come back to the department with additional ideas of how to tackle re-occurring problems. Through discussion with other decontamination services providers I was able to identify the corrective actions required by listening to what others had tried and found to be most effective. I was also able to discuss methods which we had found effective to the others within the group. A problem shared is a problem halved.

    Issues raised at recent external audits were a useful topic as non-conformance’s raised tend to re-occur in different departments and there tends to be a theme, it was good to understand what auditors in general have been concentrating on in recent months.

    The conference was well organised and again provided lots of useful information. I would certainly recommend others to attend.

    Decontamination BVG Member 2016-17

    Deputy Manager Decontamination Services, Bedford Hospital NHS Trust