Benefits of BVG Membership

What is a Best Value Group (BVG)?

An NPAG BVG is a structured forum for healthcare professionals to meet, discuss current issues and receive presentations on topics that they are interested in.  Its prime purpose is to support managers in the continuous improvement of their own services.

What can BVGs offer me?

As national networking groups NPAG BVGs enable members to share information and experience in an open and honest environment, receive presentations from topical speakers, undertake benchmarking exercises, debate policy and identify innovation and good working practice.

Crucially in today’s financial climate, membership can help save your Trust money.  One recent example was the presentation to the NHS Sustainability Leads Network by energy company EON on demand side response.  Trusts can, simply by offering their surplus energy to the grid, generate substantial income and regularly test their back-up generators enhancing their resilience in an emergency.

BVG membership also entitles the member to attend NPAG conferences at a discounted delegate rate.

NPAG is a member of the CPD Certification Service. As a BVG member, you will receive an annual CPD certificate at the end of each year to verify attendance at BVG meetings.

One of the greatest benefits to members is access to the NPAGNetwork. This is a fantastic resource providing a managed question and answer service enabling members to unlock the information held by the entire network of NPAG members.

What is the time commitment?

The majority of groups meet four times a year. There is some work, such as benchmarking exercises, that needs to be completed between meetings.

Benchmarking Code of Conduct

All NPAG national groups undertake Benchmarking and comparison of services in pursuit of continuous improvement.  Each group will determine its particular approach and will always respect the principles and requirements for confidentiality, timeliness, legality and use of the information gathered.

Where do the BVGs meet?

Venues for BVGs are always chosen for accessibility and suitability – typically they will be in central London or the Midlands.

What happens between meetings?

The amount of interaction between meetings is driven by the group members. Often BVGs set up email groups to enable ongoing questions and sharing of information between meetings.

Are they value for money?

The average annual cost in 2017-2018 for a BVG meeting four times a year is £585 per member and any further members at a discounted rate of £245. In comparison a year’s membership is less than the average cost of employing a management consultant for a day.

New developments

NPAG is continually striving to develop further services for members as part of the annual subscription. Please click here for details of all our current groups.



“As the chair of the group it’s a fantastic meeting with a good membership,. Over the past 4 years its helped and supported myself as a theatre manager develop my theatre department and sense check individual changes as a benchmark. I feel this is an essential group which all theatre managers should attend. We should look at conference calls for the meeting or video conferencing the meeting. I have personal encouraged my regional theatre managers to join the group for the next series. ”

Operating Theatres BVG Member

Warrington and Halton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust