Changing people takes time. Giving them the tools to change,

well, that takes just a day.

As part of NPAG’s ongoing culture initiative, we have teamed up with Pegasus Resource Management to deliver a one-day, on site, interactive course aimed at everyone working in the healthcare sector. The day is designed to help improve communication among team members, support decision making and create a positive reporting culture.

Learning lessons from other safety critical industries and elite sports teams, this course will teach participants the non-technical skills required to improve the safety and efficiency of teams and individuals from all areas of the NHS. The day will explore case studies from both the healthcare sector and other areas such as the aviation industry in order to learn from incidents and highlight the importance of non-technical skills as tools to minimise risk & optimise performance.

By the end of the day participants will have a skill set that enhances their ability with:

Decision Making: Learn how to utilise all resources, including fellow team members, in order to make optimal decisions in a clear and timely manner when faced with complex issues or time/safety critical situations.

Error Management: Participants will learn how to look ahead as a team in order to highlight the potential risks associated with a task and how to support one another when mistakes are made in order to mitigate and prevent them becoming more serious incidents.

Communication: Using practical exercises participants will learn how to communicate in a clear, concise manner that reduces the chance of misunderstandings and improves the levels of information exchanged within a team.

Open Reporting Culture: We will explore why having an open culture where people feel able to admit to errors also encourages teams to highlight their successes giving teams and organizations the best chance of  learning from both and driving change to improve patient safety & deliver efficiency gains. Learn practical skills that allows this to happen.

This invaluable one day interactive workshop is held at your venue (which holds obvious benefits) and is designed specifically around what you require. If you do not know what you require, Damian will help guide you to ensure that your team maximises their learning potential.  The workshop would include all materials and is fully CPD certified with each delegate receiving credit and certificate for the day. The workshop is, ideally, aimed at groups of around 16 people, due to the nature of the interactivity and to ensure that each delegate is able to maximise their learning potential.

Attached is a general information sheet/syllabus for you to see exactly how Damian and the content will assist your team in becoming better decision makers with increased effective communication abilities while adopting an open reporting culture.

The next step would be to arrange a mutually convenient conversation between yourself and Damian to ascertain your exact requirements and how the content can be tailored to your exact needs and wants. Following this conversation and taking into account your specific needs a price for the training would then be delivered that is reflective of the content and requirements whilst still being sympathetic. So get in touch and we can take the first step to improvement.

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Damian Cottle,
Managing Director, Pegasus Resource Management

Damian specialises in organisational and departmental culture change and delivers human factors training courses. He has worked with a variety of sectors including banks, retailers, food producers, telecoms and the NHS. His courses are designed to help improve communication amongst team members, support decision making and create a positive reporting culture.

Damian also has 17 years and thousands of flying hours experience as a pilot. Having spent a brief time with the Royal Air Force he started a career as a commercial pilot in 1999. He has flown several aircraft types including the Jet Stream 41, Boeing 757, 767 and currently flies the Boeing 777.

“One of the best meetings the group has had.”  

Jayne Freeman, Chair, Health, Safety & Risk Management BVG 2016

Risk and Security Manager, Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust