Quality Policy

We are committed to providing the highest standards to our clients and have adopted the following quality management principles:

Establishment of Requirements

Proactive identification of the stated and implied requirements of our customers and the effective provision of appropriate services in response both to their needs and current guidance / legislation.

Performance Measurement

We continually monitor and review the effectiveness of our services and products.

Continuous Improvement

Throughout our history we have pursued a policy of continuous improvement. We act on the results of performance measurement with a view to continually improve processes and procedures in order to enhance customer satisfaction.

Quality Objectives

We will continually strive to improve the way in which we operate by introducing incremental changes to every aspect of the business. Measurable objectives are set to ensure that the organisation is moving in the right direction. The performance against the objectives will be measured, published and reviewed at regular management meetings.

  • To ensure our management processes facilitate the ongoing monitoring and evaluation of our performance against targets.
  • To utilise our customer satisfaction feedback to ensure the continuous improvement of our services.
  • To continually review our approach to communicating with all our stakeholders, ensuring our systems are appropriate and maintained.



“Throughout my association with NPAG, I found their work to be of an exemplary standard. They were very organised, professional and courteous throughout – with a good sense of humour. I would relish the opportunity to work with NPAG again and recommend them for work of this nature…..”

Ken Hutchinson

Managing Director, HR Strategic Solutions