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The NPAG Waste Management BVG is a unique group enabling NHS waste managers to meet and share new ideas, evaluate tenders, discuss common problems, measure service providers performance, provide cost effective solutions, be creative and innovative in service design and generally network with others involved in the complex area of waste management. The group has been running for a number of years and has consequently developed a rich and multifarious membership which is continuously evolving. Throughout 2017 the group has seen its profile raised considerably via its continued work helping with the development of the European Waste Management Project (EUHCWM) culminating in a very well-received shared conference in November attended by over 70 healthcare waste management professionals from across Europe. Additionally, the Group have had excellent interaction with NHS Digital (formerly HSCIC) regarding refinements and improvements to the annual ERIC waste data collection system.

The Group have agreed to run four meetings again across 2018 with the first taking place in Birmingham on 1  February 2018 followed by 3 further meetings.




Facilitator Dale Atkins
 Marie Cherry

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As a relative newcomer to NHS waste management, I was disapointed with the number of disposable curtains being sent to landfill. As a result I asked attendees at my first Waste BVG meeting if anyone knew of a recycling opportunity for them; nobody did, although the ‘melting’ of them to produce blocks of ‘resin’ was discussed; this seems relatively untried and requires the trust to buy a machine to do this, which was seen as unacceptable.

This issue was still irking me, so when I attended RWM at the NEC I took a number of curtain samples, to leave with potential recyclers. Still no takers!I am an enthusiastic user of Twitter and came across a recycling group on there. I asked them if they knew of anyone who could help re the curtains – a week later I was rewarded with a phone number to call, which I did. A sample curtain + specification was subsequently sent away, followed a few weeks later by a sample bale. #Progress!

At the next Waste BVG meeting I was able to update my peers on progress and their support was most encouraging.

In November I met with Mike Jackson of Prismm, who are facilitating this operation for us; the curtains will be turned into flakes for use in other plastics manufacturing processes. We agreed a 3 month trial of the arrangement and next week our first 4 bales of curtains will be going to the reprocessors! They are also taking our cardboard bales, as they will give a better rebate than we have received in the past.

At the February 2018 meeting I hope to be able to give good news to the group and I guess lots of other trusts will be able to follow my lead. I can then await my MBE for services to the environment?? Well done NPAG!

Waste Management BVG Member 2017

Waste and Linen Services Manager, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Trust

Membership of the Waste Management BVG has been very valuable  to me over the past 6 years. It is reassuring to meet with a group of knowledgeable, like-minded people. Many of the issues and problems experienced locally are common across the NHS and it is helpful to share with others how these might be overcome. There is good network support between the meetings. Recently the group has been able to influence and challenge policy development and reporting mechanisms,  so it’s an exciting group to be part of!

Waste Management BVG Member 2017

Estates Support – Lead for Technical Services Estates & Facilities, Norfolk Community Health and Care NHS Trust