Resilience Development Network

With pressure continuing to grow on the EPRR (Emergency Preparedness, Resilience and Response) function across the    country, the role of the long-standing and very successful Resilience Development Network becomes ever more important. We recognise that cost pressures can make it more difficult for staff to get involved in such groups but as one member has so rightly put it……………………………

“Membership of the Resilience Development Network has proven to be really good value for money. The year’s membership cost s my trust something in the order of £400. However what I was able to take away from meetings in terms of time-saving ideas, resources, lessons learned and really helpful information must have saved my Trust this sum of money several times over. This is aside from all the extremely helpful network support between meetings. There’s no question for me that membership is beneficial for the Trust as well as my own personal development!”

Head of Resilience, Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust


There are many threats and risks which we need to prepare for and be able to respond to and with this in mind we have     identified a wide range of topics to be covered in the forthcoming meetings. The following is a selection of these and which the RDN will endeavour to cover:

* Cyber Security * Warning & Informing * Dynamic Risk Assessments
* Business Continuity Planning * EPRR Resourcing * Terrorist Threats
* Major Incident Planning * Hazmat / CBRN * Injured Persons Returning from abroad
* Industrial Action * Disease Outbreaks * National Risk Register of Civil Emergencies
* Fuel Planning * National Occupational           Standards for Civil Contingencies * Industrial Action
* Shelter & Evacuation * Identification of Vulnerable     People / Patients / Staff * NHSE BCM Toolkit’



Facilitator Dale Atkins
 Tracey Johnson

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The sharing of information demonstrates a determination by the members to meet new challenges and move forward with a common purpose.

Resilience Development Network 2016-17

Resilience Manager, East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust

The Resilience Development Network is new to my Organisation for this round of meetings – I have been made to feel very welcome and the journey to London each time has certainly been fruitful in the networking and information gained. I will certainly be suggesting that we sign up for the next round of meetings!

Resilience Development Network 2016-17

Clinical Risk Manager / Emergency Planning Lead, Calderstones Partnership NHS Foundation Trust