Operating Theatres Benchmarking Group

The Operating Theatres Best Value Group has been in operation for over 15 years, allowing open and frank discussion around current theatre practice and pressures. The group members are able to contribute through open conversation and gain insights to assist them with the daily activities, stresses, and in some cases Never Events. The group is made up of varying levels of theatre staff, who bring knowledge and experience to the group interactions.

“As the chair of the group it’s a fantastic meeting with a good membership. Over the past 4 years its helped and supported myself as a theatre manager develop my theatre department and sense check individual changes as a benchmark. I feel this is an essential group which all theatre managers should attend. I have personally encouraged my regional theatre managers to join the group for the next series.”

Mark Rigby, Head of Theatres Services, Surgery, Womens and Children’s Division, Warrington and Halton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust





Facilitator Jo Kerrigan
Coordinator David Paterson

Meeting One; 6th September 2017, The Imperial Hotel, London

Meeting Two; 13th December 2017, TBC

Meeting Three; 14th March 2018, Joint Conference, The Marriott Hotel, Forest of Arden

Meeting Four; 6th June 2018, Imperial Hotel, London