Operating Theatres Best Value Group

The Operating Theatres Best Value Group has been in operation for over 18 years, allowing open and frank discussion around current theatre practice and pressures. The group members are able to contribute through open conversation and gain insights to assist them with the daily activities, stresses, and in some cases Never Events. The group is made up of varying levels of theatre staff, who bring knowledge and experience to the group interactions.

As the chair of the theatre benchmark group it has helped me grow as a leader and a productive theatre manager. I have made many contacts and peers. I have been asked to chair other conferences which are attributed to theatres and its being a great experience for myself. Sharing governance and quality has been so supportive to all members. We have together supported robust CIP challenges and even a league table for a bit of competition. We have now started a basecamp communication cell to communicate with each other faster and all can see. This is a trial and I hope to move the teams to Microsoft teams as basecamp is costly. Each series gives me and the team a better understanding to make changes in this changing NHS and make theatres most cost efficient.” Mark Rigby, Head of Theatres Services Surgery, Women’s and Children’s Division, Warrington and Halton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Facilitator Claire Jones-Manning
Coordinator Marie Cherry

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“Being a member of the NPAG has afforded us a valuable opportunity to network with peers, sharing best practice and professional experiences. Reviewing marketing pitches by manufacturers within the forum has provided that shared opportunity to learn from each other and critical dialogue regarding products and potential service improvement / financial gain. From a practice development perspective it has helped us to benchmark our service, learn from others experiences whilst sharing our own and be an important influence on how we develop out service. As an island service, being part of this network has helped remove a feeling of isolation.”

Operating Theatres BVG 2017-18 Member

Practice Development Sister, Theatres & Anaesthetics, HSSD

“At the very first meeting we attended we listened to Mark Rigby explaining the benefits and importance of practice development education. Little did we know that this was a golden nugget of experience that was shared. As a result of our investment into practice development education we are now in our third year of having no agency staff in our theatres. The impact this has had has been phenomenal. We have seen our theatre teams go from strength to strength supported throughout their careers with us. We have also been able to add new career options with the creation of Surgical First Assistant posts as a result of having a stable workforce. The Dip HE Operating Department Practice Course at Bournemouth University has received a 100% satisfaction rate in the latest National Staff Survey.  We could not have achieved this without NPAG. We look forward to the events and always bring back new ideas to work with and enjoy spending time with our colleagues.”

Operating Theatres BVG Mmeber 2017-18

Directorate Manager – Critical Care, Anaesthetics, Theatres, Sterile Services, The Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust