IT and Connectivity Network

The NPAG IT & Connectivity Network is about to start its second round of meetings this May.

IT systems reach out into all areas of healthcare and new mobile technology is bringing health IT into every aspect of our lives. Government / social pressures are causing a rush into data-sharing and connectivity without necessarily building the robust infrastructure, security, governance and supplier interfaces to  ensure safe, reliable provision. Recognising the need to support NHS professionals in these areas, NPAG launched its IT & Connectivity Network early in 2017.

In 2017 the group had three meetings in London and a very successful joint conference (with NPAG’s Clinical Engineering groups) in Coventry. This network brings together NHS Accute & Community IT professionals, Clinical Engineers, and Suppliers to understand and overcome some of the interoperability, security and connection issues. It allows shared learning and training across organisations, pulling together a sometimes-disparate community and gaining valuable insights from suppliers, government agencies and invited experts.

Facilitator Peter Smithson

Coordinator Gemma Aitchison
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