An Introduction to Supporting Plus Sized Patients, Thursday 22 February 2018, The Midlands

NPAG announces its Bariatric Workshop – An Introduction to Plus Sized Patients.

Several studies have documented the role of stigma as a barrier to access and use of health and social care services in different settings.  Plus size patients can delay seeking healthcare due to embarrassment and uncertainty over whether the equipment will be available to handle their weight.

Every hospital or clinic should be able to welcome a patient of any size, without fear of embarrassment or loss of dignity. For example, bariatric equipment should be readily available and staff should have the necessary skills, knowledge and space in which to work.

NPAG firmly believe in equality of healthcare for all and since 2012 we have run an occasional series of          workshops / exhibitions exploring the issues for trusts in making suitable provision for plus size (bariatric) patients.

We are delighted to announce that our 2018 event will be held in the Midlands on Thursday 22 Februray 2018. As well as hearing from national speakers about the importance of proper planning we also examine the human aspects and hear first-hand from a patient’s perspective.  For the first time, responding to demand, we will also look at the concept of early intervention techniques designed to promote healthy lifestyles and reduce obesity.

Tracey Carr one of our speakers below from Fat Lot She Knows.

To see more information please see the An Introduction to Supporting Plus Sized Patients – 2018, and complete the booking Registration Form – An Introduction to Supporting Plus Sized Patients 2018 – MASTER form to secure your place.

With thanks to our sponsors Centrobed, 1st Call Mobility,Hopital Aids, 3ET.

For additional information please contact Tracey Johnson.